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A Latin term I learned in graduate seminary was ex nihilo. It means “from nothing” and is used by theologians to describe God’s creation of the universe.

In essence, using the phrase shows a recognition of God’s omnipotence in that He made something out of nothing, simply by willing it into existence.

He spoke the intent and His Son, the one known as The Word, crafted creation into existence over a six “days” (i.e., periods of time).

That’s quite special in my view and, I imagine, yours, too.

So when I read this morning from Mark 6 about Jesus feeding thousands of people from one kid’s lunchbox, I was impressed but I was not surprised.

Compared to the creation of the world out of nothing, coming up with tons of food out of a little bag did not stretch the limits of Jesus’ creative power.

Five loaves and two fish to feed 5,000 men and who knows how many women and children.


So if God created, via Jesus, the universe out of nothing and if Jesus fed perhaps 12,000 people out of one lunchbox, then should we doubt God’s ability to replace the tithe portion of our total income that belongs to Him?

Of course not.

As a matter of fact, God promises to do more than replace the tithe (10 percent of ALL income) if we’ll give it in our offerings at church.

We just have to trust Him.

At the core of it all, tithing is a matter of trusting.

Trusting that God is, in fact, the same Creator who made the universe and who can create more blessing to replace the blessing we’re passing through our hands back into His Kingdom.

If you’re not tithing, you’re not trusting God as you should.

Please trust God.

Please trust Jesus.

If you’re trusting them to save your soul, then shouldn’t you trust them to more than replace your tithe?

They’ve never given us reasons to doubt their creative power.

Let’s give them no reason to doubt our faith in them.

Let’s tithe.

As always, I love you

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One Response to “Morning Devotion: Creation ex nihilo

  1. Lori says:

    Thank you for this word of truth and encouragement. I learned to trust the Lord with my tithe many years ago as a young Christian.
    Next month, I will be celebrating my 30th spiritual birthday. I rejoice in that. I’m glad I learned to trust the Lord with my giving. I’m still learning to give even more and in other ways. God is a giver and He is teaching me to be like Him. I have never ever regretted giving my tithe or more over these many years. The Lord has always provided and given me much more than I could ever deserve!!! Even on this very day!! Praise the Lord!!

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