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While He was suffering on the cross, Jesus was told three times that He should save Himself.

First by the religious leaders who hated Him.

Then by Roman soldiers who mocked Him.

And then by the crucified criminal who insulted Him.

Selfish people wanted Jesus to do the selfish thing.

But the crucified criminal who honored Jesus had a different request.

He asked Jesus to save his soul when Jesus’ Kingdom was established.

The criminal with a changed heart knew that Jesus was on the cross by choice and that it was only a painful precursor to blessings far greater.

That’s why He knew Jesus couldn’t save Himself and then save others.

Jesus had to lose His life if He were to save others.

Selfish people don’t understand this.

They certainly don’t practice it.

Please, my friend, sacrifice any selfishness in your home life, work life, school life or church life.

The world will mock your efforts to live differently than the unsaved, egocentric people around you.

But unless you and I live unselfishly, we won’t lead people to the cross of Christ.

Instead, we’ll be leading people to the cross of their own, eternal suffering.

They’ll have to try to save themselves.

And that’s not happening.

Choose the better way.

Choose unselfishness.

Take up your cross and follow Jesus.

Whatever hassles and hurts you face as a result are just precursors to blessings far greater.

As always, I love you

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