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If you want to know how much God desires intimacy with those He loves, make sure to read Isaiah 62:1-5.

It’s SO deeply moving.

The passage is filled with passion.

God is, in effect, a pair of open arms yearning to embrace and restore and celebrate a reunion with the love of His life.

Please read the passage now by clicking here.

I expect your heart will be moved as was mine.

What impressed me even more about this passage was that it points to the heart that God has for all who are lost, not just for ancient Jerusalem.

God’s desire is for everyone to celebrate with Him the joy of complete love and acceptance and joy that is typically found on a person’s wedding day.

God wants us to feel like a crown of splendor in His hands.

He wants us to experience the joy of knowing that He rejoices over our redeemed state, that His heart beats for us just as the bridegroom’s heart beats for his beautiful bride on their wedding day.

Listen, when we accepted Jesus as our Savior, we began our lifelong wedding day.

Let’s yearn for and honor and celebrate our Bridegroom and His Father daily as if we were still on our “wedding day.”

We’ll put a smile on their faces. It’s the least we can do for the One who put Himself on the cross for our sake.

As always, I love you

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