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One of the best ways to demonstrate genuine faith is to show others that insults toward us aren’t like matches on gasoline.

We’ve all encountered verbal cheap shots from others at home or at work or at school, sometimes even at church. And these have sometimes happened in the presence of multiple people.

It takes an abundance of self-control to not fire right back when we’ve been disrespected. Our instinctive pride wants to punish those who are seemingly attempting to tear us down.

The Christlike response — as demonstrated on the Friday before Resurrection Sunday long ago — is counter-intuitive to our human nature.

We are to remember that the path of meekness is NOT a path of weakness.

It takes real strength of character to choose meekness.

If you’ll observe life carefully in the days ahead, you’ll notice that those who typically respond quickly and negatively toward insults are people with less strength of character.

The reverse is true, as well. Your friend or relative who seems to never “fight fire with fire” is likely a person of deep character.

When he or she is doing so because of Christian convictions, that is even better.

Why this topic today? Here is a verse from today’s devotional reading:

“Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult.” Proverbs 12:16

The Bible says that a fire will go out if no fuel is added to it. Let’s remember that we serve ourselves much better — and the misdirected person attacking us — if we’ll overlook insults. For to fire back will not prompt the critic to think more highly and kindly toward us, but instead the opposite.

Yet, if we show that insults won’t distract us from our mission to be kind, moral and generous toward others — to become more like Christ — then the one firing insults just might eventually realize that we’re not going to step into the ring because it serves no good purpose.

And that’s the bottom line, my friends. We don’t serve Kingdom purposes by exhausting time and effort defending our pride.

It’s SO much better when we simply forgive the offender’s insult — just as Jesus did on the cross — and remain focused on humbly serving others in the name of Christ.

As always, I love you

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