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If you’re like me and are usually the one behind the steering wheel, it’s a bit uncomfortable at times riding in the passenger seat.

Especially when you’re on a trip and you don’t know how to get to a certain place, the weather is terrible and the traffic is intense with all sorts of lousy drivers.

Logically, we can surmise that the person driving will get us safely to our destination because he or she has gotten there safely before and, in other respects, has demonstrated responsible behavior.

But who says our emotions are always logical?

We’re not in control and sometimes we don’t like it.

We want to know why somebody is driving this direction and how long it’s going to take and what the person will do if thus-and-such happens and perhaps other questions.

Why? Because our trust level is not what it should be.

The older the person behind the wheel, the less worried we’re typically tempted to become.

Why? Because we typically associate age with wisdom and wisdom with good decisions.

So when it comes to trusting our God who existed before time began, we never have doubts about how He is steering our lives, right?


This deficit of trust has always been a challenge for believers and Proverbs 3:5-6 speaks to our need to trust how God is leading our lives rather than grab the steering wheel ourselves.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Okay, so we Christians have heard this verse and we know that we should abide by it as we abide in God.

But then a tough time comes along and God doesn’t jump when we say “Jump!” and we start listening to the lie that we need to fix our problem ourselves rather than fix our hopes of God, the author and perfecter of our faith.

We start disliking how God is driving the bus of our faith and in true backseat driver form, we start peppering Him with questions and complaints and ultimatums.

This, of course, pains His heart but it does not surprise Him since every believer has done the same at one time or another.

We’ve got to remember that God is everywhere and sees things from every angle. We can only see a situation from our spot on the road of life.

We’ve got to remember that God sees things from a historical perspective and from a future knowledge perspective. And we can only see with certainty things as they are now.

We’ve also got to remember that God promises to bring good things to us even when bad things are allowed to happen (Romans 8:28-37).

That being the case, we’ve just got to trust how He’s driving and not annoy Him with nagging, doubtful words.

“The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?” (Proverbs 20:24)

Listen, David was right when he described God as the Shepherd. We are the sheep of His pasture. Let’s do our job of being good sheep and trust that He’ll do His job of being the Good Shepherd.

That way, we’ll all journey together until we dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

As always, I love you

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