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Sometimes we might wonder why the Bible states the obvious such as with the following: “….reject whatever is harmful.” (I Thessalonians 5:22)

In fact, it would be patronizing of scripture to tell us what we already know IF we were 100 percent compliant in this regard.

But we’re not.

We periodically behave as if we have forgotten the teaching to reject whatever is harmful, and so we make choices harmful to ourselves or harmful to others, or both.

The reality is that we need reminding to reject whatever is harmful.

Our God-ordained mission in life is to be God’s hands and voice to people in a lost and dying world. We are to be agents of Truth and blessing.

That’s why our words and actions should only build others up rather than tear them down.

The specific context of the Apostle Paul’s teaching was with the religious teachings given the Thessalonian Christians by various speakers. Paul told them to respectfully listen to whoever claimed to be preaching or teaching God’s Word, but to embrace only that preaching and teaching that was “good” because it was true to scripture.

Any other teaching that didn’t correctly communicate the purposes of God and the pure, passionate person of Christ was harmful to Christianity in general and spiritually deadly to whoever received them.

As important as it is to not put unhealthy food, drinks and other substances into our bodies, it is even more important that we reject harmful teachings that undermine the authority of God, the deity of Christ and our responsibility to maintain a sanctified, saving relationship with Christ.

Examine the lives of those leading your congregation. Check as the Berean Christians did in Acts 17 to make sure that what is being taught is 100 percent accurate to the Bible.

If it’s not, ask God to lead your to a congregation where the preaching and teaching are truthful, not harmful.

There’s just too much at stake to get this wrong.

As always, I love you

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