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It’s instructive to watch somebody remain calm and focused on solutions when those around him or her are loudly complaining and accusing.

Such individuals seem to have a gift for managing crisis situations rather than causing them.

You and I aren’t the only ones who appreciate this kind of resolve. I’m sure that the Lord appreciates it as well.

After all, wasn’t He the perfect role model for self-control?

Even when His feelings of anger led Him to throw the money-changers out of the Temple courtyards, Jesus didn’t give full vent to His anger.

Had He done so, there might have been a number of burned spots on the ground where lightning bolts had zapped the greedy men exploiting worshipers.

Having feelings of anger is not a sin if we’re upset about a legitimate injustice contrary to godliness.

It’s letting that anger grab the steering wheel of our minds and hearts that becomes the problem.

Let’s face it. We all encounter circumstances that lure us toward unrestrained, accusatory and vindictive anger.

We just have to recall that emotions aren’t to determine our path. Our devotion to the Lord is to do that.

“A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.” (Proverbs 29:11)

Let’s do our best to remain calm no matter what happens, imitating the Lord and showing others what pleases Him.

After all, we can be sure that Jesus has chosen to remain calm toward us on countless occasions when our choices probably made Him angry.

As always, I love you

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