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Are you thirsty for unconditional love?

Parched of passion toward life?

Has a drought of inspiration left you direction-less in a desert of uncertainty regarding the real purpose of your life?

It’s time to drink deeply from the river flowing with clear, clean water.

It’s time to pray, to read the Word, to open up to trustworthy people who’ve learned how to satisfy the thirsting of the soul.

It’s time to find refreshment in God.

“The river of God has plenty of water.” (Psalms 65:9 NLT).

Jesus told the woman at the well (John 4) that all who drink from His fountain of truth and love will never thirst again.

If you’re feeling emotionally or spiritually parched, head to the fountain.

It’s fed by the river of God.

You’ll not only be refreshed but you’ll also become a vessel of refreshment through whom God and Jesus might refresh other thirsty souls.

Please start doing what I do in the morning before writing the Morning Devotion.

Read the Bible.

Here’s the website to start. Click this link and then add the website to your favorites. You just click the relevant month from the list on the top left and then you select each date. It’s easy.

And it will not only change your life but help you to be a tool for helping others to change theirs.

Remember, the river of God has plenty of water and that’s why I share a cup of cool water from it each weekday via the Morning Devotion ministry.

As always, I love you

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