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Deep roots are good.

In fact, the only time they’re not good is when somebody is trying to pull the plant out of the soil.

That’s why Satan likes seeing shallow roots in a Christian’s life.

He’ll either attempt to parch the believer by trying turn up the heat of turmoil or he’ll plead for permission from God to block blessings.

For the shallow-rooted believer, the result is too often disappointment, despair and disengagement from serving the Lord.

For the deep-rooted believer, though, Satan’s efforts often work against himself.

Such a believer often prays more.

He or she reads the Bible more.

And he or she will serve other believers more in order to be strengthened by the joy of serving an almightly, gracious God.

I’m glad that my Morning Devotion time helps to deepen my roots.

For you can be sure that Satan loves turning up the heat of turmoil in my life.

The roots are stronger than his lies and the wounding words of people, though.

I thank God for this reminder found this morning in Proverbs 12:3…..

“…the godly have deep roots.”

I’ll pray more.

I’ll read the Bible more.

And I’ll serve other believers more.

Thanks for the shove, Satan. You’re prompting me to become stronger just before Easter.

Praise the Lord!

As always, I love you

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