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It is one of the most popular rock’n’roll songs of all time.

More sheet music for this song has been sold than any other in history.

It inspired a new St. Petersburg radio station to begin operations by playing this song for 24 hours straight.

It is considered by many to be the anthem of 1970s rock’n’roll.

And, though not intended by lyricist band members of Led Zeppelin, the song’s title and message provides a compelling contrast to title and message of a man who lived nearly 2,000 years earlier and who actually merited the self-proclaimed name.

The song is Stairway to Heaven.

Click the link if you want a trip down memory lane. Listen closely to the lyrics and described folly of selfishness and inquiry about finding a better path through life. Will you follow the piper down his path? Or will you choose your own?

I thought of this song this morning when I read the words Jesus used to describe Himself when calling His first disciples.

It’s powerful, my friend.

Jesus said He is “the stairway between heaven and earth. (John 1:51)

Oh my.

The song speaks of an egocentric woman used to getting her way and who thinks she can buy a stairway to heaven.

That’s not possible, though. At least for a human.

Our stairway to heaven was purchased, though.

By the heavenly Father whose waiting at the top of the stairs.

John 14:6 says Jesus is the only way to heaven.

The only stairway.

God paid the price in His only Son’s blood to purchase the atoned-for pathway to glory.

Listen, stay on the stairway provided by God.

Don’t follow the pipers of this world luring us down other paths.

Don’t swallow the lie that our money or our intelligence or our good deeds can buy our stairway to heaven.

There’s one stairway and His name is Jesus.

As always, I love you

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