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We’re halfway through the year and we should ask ourselves if we’re more godly now than we were on January 1.

One way we can tell is by honestly assessing if we have improved in observing the life skill addressed in Proverbs 18:8.

“Rumors are dainty morsels that sink deep into one’s heart.”

When the gossip of others tickles our ears, do we listen to it less frequently than we did six months ago?

Perhaps we’ve grown spiritually to the point that we not only don’t add to it, but we don’t repeat it and we even refuse to embrace it.

Those are very good things.

But more is required, I believe, in order to be faithful.

I believe we’re called to counteract it.

I believe we’re called to do our best to defend someone who is under gossip attack.

I’m not suggesting that we condone verifiably inappropriate behavior. I am suggesting, however, that we look for ways to encourage others to show mercy, to show patience, to better understand the whole context of a gossip-generating situation, to look for the good in others.

Everybody messes up.

Those who gossip throw rocks from glass houses.

Ephesians 4 calls us to do everything we can to preserve unity through the bond of peace.

This doesn’t only apply within the church, my friend, but also to every arena of our relationships such as at work or school or in the neighborhood or within our extended family.

Listen, condescending rumors don’t come from God.

So we have no business swallowing them, no matter how tasty they are to our hungry egos.

Our business should instead be responding in love to them.

As always, I love you

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