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I love the vivid, sometimes veiled nature of scripture.

“What’s wrong, Red Sea, that made you hurry out of their way?”

These words from Psalm 114:5 remind me that God is almighty and that immense power of nature is but a pawn in His hands.

God wanted to deliver His children to safety away from the pagan army of Pharoah and the Red Sea was in the way.

And so, God spoke.

The will of God — literally His breath — pushed a pathway through the Red Sea and the Hebrews fled to safety on the Sinai Peninsula.

The above rhetorical question emphasized that when God speaks, nature listens.

The wind and the waves obeyed His voice at the Red Sea, just as they did 1,500 years later when God’s Son calmed the Sea of Galilee to save the lives of His apostles.

So if God’s voice can part or calm a massive body of water, can it not prompt us to hurry toward the completion of His will?

Are we motivated to get going in order to help others come to spiritual safety “on the other side?”

Are we prepared with a credible testimony and memorized scripture to help hurting, distressed people to experience “Peace! Be still” moments?

Let’s hurry toward becoming one who listens for the voice of God and acts faithfully in response.

It’s not good if the Red Sea was more obedient to God’s voice than are we.

As always, I love you

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