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King Solomon provided me today with wisdom to share that is as practical as it gets.

“Never slander a worker to the employer, or the person will curse you, and you will pay for it.” (Proverbs 30:10)

Griping with untrue words is never right. But when it is clearly intended to get somebody in trouble or even to get them fired, that’s malicious and almost certainly will lead to backlash in this life.

That’s not counting, of course, the accountability before God for engaging in evil behavior.

Just about everybody has been slandered on the job at some point. Probably many more times than we even realize.

When we find out that such has happened, what is our natural reaction desire?

To get even.

But faith is not to be ruled by flesh.

We do right. We speak truth. We demonstrate unmistakable integrity.

And we let time and truth and character be our defenses, speaking up only when we have to.

Let’s avoid slander of others, seeing it for the sin that it is.

That way, we won’t have to pay the consequences of ignoring Solomon’s wisdom.

Let’s instead do all that we can to encourage others to do better and forgive others when they fail.

After all, isn’t this the kind of treatment that WE want from others?

Who will have ultimately have more influence in the workplace? The slanderer? Or the encourager?

As always, I love you

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