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When a little kid spontaneously starts talking about God, I listen.

You see, it’s one thing when a child responds to a Christian adult’s leading and recites a Bible verse back to the teacher during a Sunday School class.

It’s quite another thing when the child speaks up to a group of kids on a playground regarding how God is so “special” for making the beautiful sky or speaks up to a group of adult relatives about giving her or him a loving mommy, daddy or pet.

My kids are long past that stage but I still savor the memories of their childhood praises of the Lord.

Particularly those that came without my prompting.

Occasions such as when Melissa, while in 4th grade, prompted a “Prayer at the Flagpole” event for her elementary school with dozens of teachers and students choosing to participate. She did it without my coaching.

It was awesome.

Not sure how the cynic of faith would explain that one….

We live in a time when critics of Christianity believe momentum is on their side.

And the picture is darkening in a spiritual sense, it seems.

But as you and I remember the power of a pure, innocent faith displayed in the words and expressions of children, we’ll be reminded that what we believe is not based on thoughts we’ve conceived but instead received.

Received from God.

Here is the passage the triggered this Morning Devotion and I pray it will prompt you toward more confidence in your own faith.

“You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you.” (Psalm 8:2 NLT)

Children don’t have sophisticated mind-control agendas skewed by years of alleged brainwashing by church people.

They’re just kids who speak from the overflow of their hearts.

When they talk about God without our prompting, it’s a reflection of what the Holy Spirit is speaking to them.

Let’s listen to them just as Jesus encouraged when He told us to have the attitude of kids if we want to see heaven (Matthew 18:3).

As always, I love you

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