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The Christian who feels he or she has lost everything should try to remember that he or she is rich beyond comprehension.

For no amount of earthly calamity can bankrupt the certainty of God’s promise to the one who remains faithful to Him in the midst of terrible circumstances.

If Christ remains on the throne of our hearts, guiding our humble words and actions, a wealth beyond comprehension awaits us in heaven.

It’s guaranteed.

And no thief, no disease, no natural disaster and no financial markets downturn can destroy that promise.

We simply have to make sure that we never deny the authority of God and His Word over our lives.

I’m reading through the book of Job now as part of my devotional time and I was moved today by a statement he made regarding his faith:

“At least I can take comfort in this:
 Despite the pain,
I have not denied the words of the Holy One.” (Job 6:10)

When really tough times come our way, when we’ve lost SO much of what is so important to us, let’s do our best to remember that no force in this world can take from us the fantastic future awaiting us in heaven.

As long as we don’t deny the Word of God in how we live — or in how we suffer — we have the comfort of knowing eternal comfort awaits us.

As always, I love you

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