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We’ve all made some poor spending decisions along the way.

And we’ve regretted it.

In fact, we might still be paying the price for those choices years later.

Hopefully, we’ve learned to be more thoughtful about the implications of our choices.

The writer of Psalm 119 knew the sting of poor choices, I’m sure.

And he determined that he would strive to avoid such.


Verse 56 shows us:

“This is how I spend my life:
 obeying your commandments.

Listen, if we spend our time obeying the teachings of God’s Word, we’ll always spend wisely.

We won’t squander the money God places into our hands.

Instead, we invest it into those things that help us to help others.

We won’t waste the time God ordains for us in this life.

Instead, we’re redeem it for the sake of exalting Him, helping His people and reaching out to the unsaved with love, hoping that they will choose to become His children.

Spend wisely today, my friend.

Make sure that you consider God’s Word and will at every decision intersection you encounter today.

There’s only so much time in the wallet of days that we’re given by the Lord.

Let’s make sure that others’ lives and our legacy is richer because of our choices.

As always, I love you

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