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So you hear a knock on the door and it turns out to be a winged angel with a message.

“Jesus is coming to your house for dinner in a couple of hours,” he says and then he flies away.

A check of your refrigerator and pantry show that a quick trip to the grocery is in order since you don’t want to serve leftovers to your Savior.

It’s a rush but two hours later, you’re sitting down to a delicious meal with the best, freshest ingredients and you have the peace of knowing you’ve given your best for the One who gave His all for you.

None of us would serve leftovers to Jesus in this scenario.

But do we have the same determination when it comes to everyday life?

When we refuse to forgive somebody who offended us or stole from us in some way, do we hold onto our grudge while at the same time defending our faithfulness because we’ve already forgiven that person a couple of times for earlier offenses?

“I forgave them when they didn’t deserve it. Doesn’t that count for something?” is our tempting defense.

That plate of spiritual leftovers is not going to satisfy Jesus’ hunger of our humility and grace toward others.

And what about our giving to ministry? Are our tithes and offerings the first item on our weekly budget?

Or is it the last?

Do we put God first as the Bible commands? Or do we satisfy our cost-of-living tummies first and then consider what might be put in the offering plate?

Think about how many additional blessings we’re probably missing out on from the One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

If we gave more, God would give more.

That’s the promise of scripture.

That’s the pattern of blessing observable in the lives of abundant givers.

So here’s the reason for this devotion today:

“Be sure to give to the Lord the best portions of the gifts given to you.” (Numbers 18:29)

God first.

The first day of the week should show Him clearly that He’s first in your life.

The first moments in the day should show Him that His Word and His will are your desires during the day.

He is to be the first One to consider when making decisions about life, love and learning.

The first One to praise when things go well.

The first One to consult when things aren’t going well.

The first One on the financial priority list.

Whatever you’re given, please make sure that God sees how willing you are to give back to Him.

As always, I love you

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