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After a very hectic couple of years because of various life issues, I am resuming my weekday posting of the Morning Devotion. Please help me to revive the outreach of this 18-year ministry by sharing this with your family and friends whenever you believe the message will help them.

It’s so good that Jesus sees in us what others sometimes don’t.

Just about everybody in Jericho hated wee little Zaccheus. It’s understandable since nobody likes having to pay taxes and even more frustrating is the payment of taxes that are inflated because of corruption.

But Jesus didn’t look at Zaccheus as a slimy, little crook but instead as a peace-seeking soul with the capacity to change.
And that changed everything.

Townspeople probably wanted Zaccheus to drop dead. But Jesus wanted him to find a new life.

A compassion, generosity-filled life.

An eternal life.

And because Jesus loved the one seen as unlovable, multiple lives were filled with blessing. Stealing was replaced with giving.

And serving others became more important than serving self.

Check out this passage …. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/…


Little guy. Big impact.

It’s amazing what can happen when Jesus is welcomed into somebody’s life.

Listen, Jesus knows your name. He knows your life. And He wants to be part of it. Climb on down from your sycamore tree and your life will never be the same.

As always, I love you

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