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We’ve all heard many voices telling us we can’t succeed at this or at that.

Sometimes the voice we heard was our own.

Sadly, we’ve too quickly believed those voices without sincerely testing our abilities in the opportunity before us.

How many marriages fail because others said they can’t survive and hurting spouses rely on their own emotional reserves rather than on the strength available from the Lord?

How many careers stall or fade because of the belief that new skills can’t be gained in order to compete in a new economy?

How many congregations wane because members believe they can’t adapt methods to connect with younger, non-traditional people and still be true to their scripture-loving, tradition-comforted selves?

It boils down to this — sometimes we confuse “can’t” with “won’t.”

This was where Gideon found himself in the dark days of Israel before King David’s reign.

If you want to see Gideon made the journey from “can’t” to “can,” check out this story found in Judges 6-7 viewable at this link.

Gideon was told by the Lord to face his huge challenge by going with the strength he had and with the knowledge that the Lord would be with him to make up the difference.

Let’s do better at choosing to go rather than saying no.

As always, I love you
More victories will be ours as we do.

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