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We’ve all met them.

I’m talking about those people at work or in the neighborhood or even within our extended family who love to “stir the pot,” creating tension in groups by means of divisive comments or actions.

There are all sorts of psychological and/or social factors behind such behavior but the effect is often quite costly.

That’s why it is so important that we reduce the likelihood of division via early discernment of troublemakers’ motives.

A co-worker’s recurring gripes about a boss or fellow co-worker is not intended to promote unity or productivity. So if that co-worker won’t back off of the poison words, perhaps it’s best if you back away from conversations with the co-worker.

The same principle applies with a relative or with a gripe-minded person at your church.

Divisiveness is really a bad thing and that’s why Jesus did what He did as recorded in John 4:1-3.

Let’s be vigilant to avoid walking into the destructive trap of division-minded people. Even it that means walking away from them, praying all the time for their change of heart.

As always, I love you

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