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The crowd told Jesus that they needed to see more miracles before they’d believe He was from God (John 6:30).

It wasn’t enough for them that His past teachings and miracles had verified His Messianic status.

They wanted to call the shots not unlike an idol-worshipper falling at the feet of something crafted as a self-serving pseudo-god.

Jesus told the crowd (6:32-40) that He didn’t come to give them miracles but instead to give them bread and water. His bread of life and living water.

Impressive, authentic miracles last for a moment and don’t nourish the soul the way that His bread and His water do.

Faith isn’t about “What have you done for me lately?” Instead, it is a matter of what Jesus does for us eternally.

The bread and water await you, my friend. Please join me at the table.

As always, I love you

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