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King Solomon was the wisest person in the Old Testament but there was one decision that transcended all the others during his life.

Interestingly, it was a decision he made very early in his reign that was so good.

After a marvelous worship experience before the bronze altar of sacrifice, God gave Solomon a blank-check opportunity to serve himself.

Solomon chose otherwise.

His choice should inspire us to do the same , no matter how many days we have on this earth.

Read this passage link and you’ll see the incredible power of living to serve others.

Here’s the wrap-up. The best decisions we make are those focused on what is best for others.

It really is that simple.

Yes, it’s a long-term view when it comes to needed benefits for ourselves. But the God whom we serve by choosing to serve others has quite a lengthy track record of blessing those who live to bless others.

As always, I love you

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