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Now this is an interesting contrast.

“The house of the wicked will be destroyed,
but the tent of the godly will flourish.
” (Proverbs 14:11)

What advantage does a tent have compared to a house?

It is a HUMBLE covering that does not have the risk of becoming a trophy or idol with which to impress people.

It is RELOCATABLE and can easily be moved to wherever the master decides a more fruitful life will be found.

It is LOW COST and LOW MAINTENANCE, taking far less money and time to acquire and maintain.

So should we all sell our houses and buy tents?

In a spiritual sense, yes.

Is your house payment taking so much of your money that you struggle to honor God with tithes and other offerings?

Is your house so important to you that you have no interest in moving to a place where you could better serve the Lord or give more toward that end?

Is your house so maintenance- and repairs-hungry that it consumes time and money that you might otherwise have for serving others?

Jesus said He’s preparing our mansions in heaven. Until we pass through the pearly gates, let’s nurture a tent mentality in this life as we’re passing through.

Let’s be humble, relocatable, low cost and low maintenance in our faith walk.

After all, don’t we all want to flourish rather than stress out over something we can’t take with us?

As always, I love you

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