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I wish it were not true, but even we longtime Christians are not immune to making dumb and costly decisions.

Sometimes we’re offended by another’s words and we fire back with offensive words of our own. The problem is that such words are not like lightning bolts that flash and are gone, but instead are like red dye stains indelibly reminding others and ourselves of our sinful moment.

In a workplace or in a family setting, such stains can have devastating consequences.

Sometimes we get caught up in the “like it-want it-gotta have it” moment while smelling the inside of a new car or new house or while talking with the new co-worker who happens to be cute and who flirtatiously tells us how interesting and funny we are — even though we’re wearing a wedding ring.

The list could go on, of course, with all sorts of examples from your life or mine.

Our mission as Christians includes avoiding dumb decisions. For the cost can be enormous not just to us but to the important people in our lives.

Are you being tempted to make a dumb decision just now that will cost you and perhaps your loved ones dearly?

A decision that hasn’t been taken repeatedly to the Lord in prayer or discussed with the key people in your life? Or with a spiritual accountability friend?

Think quickly, my friend. Act slowly. Allow time for the Holy Spirit to influence you, to educate you, to warn you of Satan’s spring-trap that your foot is marching toward.

And, please, make sure to read 2 Chronicles 35:20-24. You’ll read about good King Josiah who did SO many things right in his pursuit of faith,but who made a horribly dumb decision that cost him his life and that threw his nation into turmoil, ultimately leading to its destruction by the Babylonian army.

There is no mention of prayer before Josiah’s tragic decision. And there is no mention of consultation with spiritual leaders.

Josiah just got a hair-brained idea and decided he was going to do what he wanted.

Hmmmm…. no prayer. No consultation. “I’m gonna do what I want and nobody is going to stop me.”

Have you ever acted like this? You know the answer to that question. And you know that you have paid a steep price for that past indiscretion.

Let’s avoid dumb, costly decisions. Let’s pray more. Let’s consult with spiritual partners more. Let’s ask ourselves if our idea is going to help grow the Kingdom of God.

We’ll save a lot of headaches for ourselves and for God.

As always, I love you

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