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In Mark 2, Jesus healed a lame man in front of a large crowd. Here is how the crowd responded:

“This amazed everyone and they praised God, saying, ‘We have never seen anything like this!’” (v. 12).

As incredible as was this healing, you have received from God a miracle even more amazing if you’re a Gospel-trusting Christian.

Your soul has been saved from the eternal suffering you deserve and it is destined to the eternal celebration that you desire.

It is the miracle of salvation that has transformed your forever in flames into a forever in the clouds.

No matter how much physical healing that a person experiences in this life, its value pales in comparison to the soul healing that assures joy and peace and freedom and reunion forever.

Listen, we all know that some groups of believers exalt the place of physical healing and even use it as a barometer of faith, particularly among those in leadership roles. If your prayers have not healed somebody, then what’s wrong with your faith? At least that is the inference sometimes.

Praying for healing IS part of what Christians should do. But far more important than physical healing is spiritual healing.

For the body is a blade of grass that exists for a moment and then is gone.

The soul is forever.

When your soul was saved through faith in Jesus Christ — now that was a REAL miracle, taking that which was as good as dead because of sin and instilling it with the promise and power of eternal life.

There was no way that this could happen without divine intervention.

It really was a miracle.

Not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual.

Never lose your amazement at the miracle of God’s grace exchanging the hell you deserve for the heaven you desire.

Never stop praising God.

Never stop telling others that what God has done for you, He can do for them.

And I’ll do the same.

As always, I love you

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