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Virture is a universally appreciated trait.

For the virtuous person is one governed by redeeming principles that produce good in the lives of others, not by coercion but instead by character.

King Solomon, a man whose early reign was characterized by virtue, provides in Proverbs 21:29 a means for measuring virtue.

The wicked bluff their way through, but the virtuous think before they act.”

Sadly, Solomon gradually discarded virture from his life because of non-virtuous choices to marry idolatrous women from other nations. You see, he didn’t think about the consequences of rejecting God’s command against marrying foreign, non-Herbrew wives whose charms would lead his heart into rampant compromise and corruption.

Disaster ensued in Israel as a result, with the negative consequences still in place 3,000 years later.

Let’s apply the wisdom of Proverbs 21:29, even though Solomon dropped the ball with this one.

I’m sure we’ve all dropped the ball on occasion by acting before we thought a decision through.

It’s SO much better to think before acting.

You’ve heard the silly phrase — and perhaps lived it out — “Ready! Fire! Aim!”

Let’s aim before we fire.

Let’s think before we act.

Let’s consider first what would honor God and help others.

It’s the virtuous thing to do.

As always, I love you

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