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Psalm 105 is a description of how God delivered the Hebrews out of Egypt with divine protection and provision.

It’s a quick read that illustrates the power and purposes of God.

You can check out that passage and others in today’s One-Year Bible reading by clicking here.

The psalm provides a marvelous picture of God’s mercy and might.

So why did God do these things for the Hebrews?

Verse 45 has the answer:

“All this happened so they would follow His decrees and obey His instructions.”

Sometimes the Hebrews did what verse 45 described.

Life was good in the Promised Land at such times.

Many times, though, they ignored God’s Word and God’s will.

And despite repeated pleas made to the people through prophets inspired by God, the people recurringly ignored God’s Word and His will.

You know what happened as a result.

The fountain of blessings dried up and the tsunamis of torment took its place.

We’ve experienced the same to a lesser extent, I’m sure.

Life is always better when we learn and obey.

It’s no accident that God has blessed you with health, with relationships and with income.

Please be careful that your life of faithful obedience will be clear to all, including Him.

As always, I love you

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