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He’s doesn’t have the TV ratings that he used to, but Jerry Springer’s name still prompts quite a word picture.

Screaming talk show guests taking swings at each other’s tatooed, overweight bodies after public revelations of kinky behavior were typical events on the show.

Jerry loved it because millions of people tuned in.

He knew that so many Americans have screwed up lives and would be interested in the emotional/entertainment relief of watching others whose lives were even more corrupted.

The shows were both comical and pathetic.

At least the fragments of the segments that I watched when someone said, “You have to see this show.”

I thought of Jerry this morning while reading from Genesis 16 about the terribly carnal behavior of Abraham and Sarah regarding her craving for a child to raise.

Please read the account by clicking here and you’ll see just how messed up these appointed bastions of faith had allowed themselves to become.

You see, if this account were happening today, Jerry would have been thrilled to do a show about it.

Imagine Billy and Ruth Graham pulling the stunt described in that passage. Christianity’s moral standing in the eyes of the nation would have been trashed.

Some will say that Abraham’s and Sarah’s behavior wasn’t that bad. “Many people did that sort of thing back then,” the line would be.

And surrogate childbirth is still popular now, particularly among those who reject God and embrace homosexuality.

My point this morning is not to say that bad behavior is bad behavior. You already know that.

Instead, I simply want to encourage you to be ABSOLUTELY focused on making lifestyle choices that draw you ever closer to God and to trusting His promises.

The reason that Abraham and Sarah become so distressed and dislocated from the proper path is because they wandered away from intimacy with God.

When one doesn’t spend quality time with the Lord, their spiritual ears become less sensitive to His voice.

You can be sure that God’s Holy Spirit was speaking to their consciences during this sprint into sin in order to have a son their way rather than God’s way.

They just didn’t listen.

Please don’t make the same mistake, no matter how desparately you desire a life goal.

If the goal is important for you to have in order to serve God and bless others, your patient faithfulness will eventually lead you to the point of where you receive it.

Father knows best.

Let’s trust this promise and live as He leads.

If our “boring” lives don’t catch Jerrry Springer’s attention, then isn’t that a good thing?

As always, I love you

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