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Morning Devotion: Safe

When my days on earth are over, a joy and contentment beyond description will be mine.

This fact compels me day after day to live a life more pleasing to God.

I’m not perfect, but I rejoice that God’s gracious power and patience continues stirring me — and steering me — toward that goal.

You see, no matter what disappointments I encounter in this life — and there have been many — they pale in comparison to the reward awaiting me in the next life.

This is the magnet of mercy that draws me with a power greater than the lies of the world.

Psalm 61:4 concisely states the desire of my heart:

“Let me live forever in Your sanctuary, safe beneath the shelter of Your wings!” (Psalm 61:4)

I pray that this is your desire as well.

Who knows? Perhaps we’ll be side by side under His wings.

I’d like that.

As always, I love you

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