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Let’s do what Joseph of Arimathea did on Good Friday.

Let’s leave our comfort zone for God’s sake.

Let’s take a glorified risk.

Joseph of Arimathea took a risk and went to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body.” (Mark 15:43)

Joseph understood what was at stake socially, financially and spiritually when he decided to place godly faith ahead of earthly status.

His heart was convicted to do the right thing, the worshipful thing, without regard to how his peers might squawk.

I’m so glad he did.

I need to have the same determination to do the right thing to honor Christ.

In whatever circumstance I find myself.

It’s all about honoring the One who died for me.

Take a risk today.

Do something that shows everybody that Jesus is first in your life no matter what hassles you might face.

Say “yes” to godliness when the world says “no.”

Say “no” to ungodliness the world answers “yes.”

Forgive when the world would vindictively punish.

Love when the world would hate.

Living like Jesus — and for Jesus — is risky.

But, man, the rewards are sky high….

As always, I love you

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